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Smart Permits Solutions

Getting your Oregon Trip Permit has never been so easy! You need us. And, we got you.

We can help you with:
  • Trip Permit Application
  • Oregon Fuel Tax Permit
  • Trip Permits from out of state
  • And, more!
Best affordable services guaranteed!

Looking to get an Oregon Trucking Permit Online? LET US HELP YOU!

No need for long processing waits or profuse amounts of paperwork to get your Oregon trip permit or any other permit you need. Our helpful, and knowledgeable staff will get the work done. This means that we will handle everything from the start of your Oregon permit application to the filing of the last page, answering any questions along the way!

Light Vehicle Trip Permit

Light Vehicle Trip Permit

Allows the use of unregistered Passenger vehicles in Oregon (8,000 pounds or less combined weight);Light trailers and special use trailers (8,000 pounds or less loaded weight); Low-speed vehicles; Medium-speed electric vehicles; Mopeds; or Motorcycles. Only two permits for the same vehicle in a 12-month period may be obtained. To apply for this trip permit, call us today.

Recreational Vehicle Permit

Recreational Vehicle Permit

This includes the use of unregistered Campers; Travel trailers; or Motor homes. However, the length of the RV cannot be over 45 feet long. Additionally, you must show proof of vehicle ownership if you are not listed as the owner on Oregon DMV records. Permits can only be obtained for up to 10 days for the same RV in a 12-month period. However, multiple permits for less than 10 days are doable, but the total days for a 12-month period cannot be more than 10. To apply for this trip permit, contact one of our representatives.

Heavy Motor Vehicle and Trailer Trip Permit

Heavy Motor Vehicle and Trailer Permit

Grants the use of unregistered Motor vehicles with a registration weight (ORS 801.420) over 8,000 pounds and Motorized fixed load vehicles. Additionally, you cannot use this permit on Tow/recovery vehicles; or Motor homes. Moreover, vehicles with a combined weight over 26,000 pounds may be subject to weight-mile tax. Vehicles that weigh over 80,000 pounds require an over-dimension permit.

Registration Weight Trip Permit

Registration Weight Trip Permit

Grants the use of Oregon-registered vehicles at a higher weight than the existing registration allows.

For instance, vehicles that want to pull a heavy trailer weighing over 8,000 pounds would require this permit. However, it does not include travel trailers, fixed loads, or special use trailers. This permit also allows vehicles to operate at a registration weight (ORS 801.420) over 10,000 pounds. Moreover, this permit does not protect for-rent vehicles. To apply, contact one of our representatives today.

Registered Vehicle Trip Permit

Registered Vehicle Trip Permit

Grants the use of Oregon-registered vehicles under conditions, or in ways not allowed with the current registration.

Government vehicles with E plates and School buses with SC plates often use this type of permit. However, it cannot be used on Farm; Prorated farm; For-rent; Charitable/non-profit; Tow/recovery; or Manufactured structure transporter. To apply for this trip permit, contact one of our representatives.

Snowmobile Out-Of-State Residents

Snowmobile Out-Of-State Residents

This permit grants the use of a snowmobile in Oregon when the owner is a resident of another state and the snowmobile is not registered.

Additionally, Snowmobile permits are effective for up to 60 days. There are a host of requirements you must provide in order to apply for this permit. However, we can handle it for you. Simply, contact one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you.

Oregon Trip Permit

Trip Permit from Another State

You can operate a vehicle in Oregon using your valid trip permit from another state. This means that you don’t need to get a specific Oregon permit! However, you must keep proof of insurance in the vehicle.

Let us take care of the Oregon trip permit paperwork for you. This way your out-of-state trip permit is guaranteed during the time you need it…when you need it!

To apply for your Oregon trucking permit online, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • USDOT#
  • Driver name
  • Truck information (Unit#, VIN#, License plate#, current Odometer)
  • If truck is leased or purchased. If it is leased, leasing company name.
  • The route which you will take to enter and exit Oregon, and also if you have any stops
  • Zip codes of locations, if you have drop off or pick up

Fuel Tax

When a truck purchases fuel in the state of Oregon, they are required to report and file fuel taxes. In order to do so, trucks must have an Oregon fuel tax permit.

There really isn’t much to obtaining an Oregon trip or fuel tax permit online when you let our skillful trucking team members handle it for you. Simply call and speak to one of our representatives and have your paperwork completed in a timely manner. Our Oregon trucking experts are always happy to help you get the best services.

IFTA Fuel Tax

The International Fuel Tax Agreement, also known as IFTA, is another method to track fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one state between Canada and the United States. We can help you register and file IFTA as well! Don’t lose your license because you forgot, or don’t know how to properly file your IFTA taxes.

Besides, who has time for all that paperwork? We do. Leave it to the online Oregon trucking experts!

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